Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fabric Sources

Here is a list of my favorite fabric sources, some are more budget friendly than others! :)  I haven't been successful in finding any cotton/lycra at a decent price in town, so I order almost only online.  Be careful of weight when ordering and fabric content. I prefer at least 9-10 oz and 95/5 cotton lycra.  Here's a new pic of the kiddos!  Headband and skirt fabric are from Peekaboo and stretch lace and solid fabric from my top are Purple Seamstress.

Purple Seamstress on FB
Awesome source for all your solids and yarn dyed stripe needs.  Everything is a great weight and very inexpensive.  You can request a swatch card so you can see all of her colors.  Ships super fast, like have your fabric in 48-72 hours from ordering! Super nice and also stocks stretch lace.  You message her on FB to order.

Sahara Fabrics
Pretty customs, gorgeous weight.

Peekaboo Fabrics (also where I get most of my patterns)
Hello GORGEOUS custom prints.  Can be pricey but oh-so-worth it. She is super sweet and always has adorable BOY prints which is so hard to find. Also stocks solids, Art Gallery knits (pretty decent weight but nothing like customs) and Riley Blake (which I've never bought).  Super nice and helpful also.

EuroGirls Knits
Buttery soft, super thick and POLKA DOTS of every color!  I love their fabrics.  Always has a coupon code if you join their FB group.

NR Fabrics
Great shipping, prints that are cute but not custom prices.  Has a coupon code in her FB group for her etsy store.

Kiddie Prints 
A custom group that stocks a lot of Disney themed knits.  Recently their knits have gotten a bit of a slinky feel which I don't love, but I'm willing to work with because their designs are SO cute.

Girl Charlee
This one you just have to be careful about fabric weights.  Very trendy knits but I don't love the quality all the time.  I also don't recommend their solids, which pill (IMHO).  But if you are looking for something super trendy and don't mind some long and kind of expensive shipping (lol) they are the place to go for sure!