Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review of our Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

I need to write this all down for future schooling purposes!  This post will contain all the curriculum we bought, then what we liked/ didn't like/ used/ didn't use.

Fun at our zoo- they have zoo school classes we do every once in a while. 

What we bought to start with, in blue.  What I bought later in red.  A pic of our daily schedule- this way we cover all our bases!  I plan on chalkboarding this at some point.  Bought the chalkboard, just need the energy and motivation to do it, ha!

Language Arts-

A Reason for Writing

We absolutely loved this.  She finished it in late March/ early April. We bought the first grade level, but it seems like a BIG jump from the kinder one we enjoyed so much, so we are waiting on using that one for a while. 

Language Lessons for Little Ones

Ehhhh.... it's okay.  We liked the paintings and the poetry.  The rest was a little useless, since we were doing reading elsewhere.  We can use it for any future children, so I'm glad we have it as an introduction to art and poetry.  

Lined paper/ pencils (Sonlight)

We use this all the time for free writing. 

Teach your Child to Read in 100 Lessons
(we already own this... we started with it and got bored, but I'd like to continue with it)

Love this one.  We are continuing to use it, mixed with a sight word book.  She's breezing right along with reading, and this was probably the best purchase of all of our school books. 

Learning how to play go fish at Gigi's. 

Ready Set Learn Sight Words

I love the Ready Set Learn books.  They are SO inexpensive and they have a sticker chart with a sticker for every page you complete.  E gets a big kick out of the sticker charts and tracking her progress.  I felt like we needed something for sight words since, lets face it, phonics just can't do it all in the wacky English language. 

Ready Set Learn Word Games

Some of these she can't do yet, but some are perfectly fine for her.  Just a fun extra she likes to do sometimes. 


Sonlight Science

We started with this one, but I decided to save it for next year.  It was a bit over her head, and she didn't find it interesting at all.  We did use all the books that came with it though, and enjoyed those a lot.  I'm saving this for first grade. 

Let's read and find out books

I love these, super interesting, and the way we ended up doing science was once a week mainly, and focusing on some fun topic she liked, reading about it, and then doing an art project to go along with it.  Topic books work great for this. 

Usborne look inside your body

She loves this book so much she actually requests it for bedtime reading.  Lots and lots of fun and flaps. 

Other than this we used library books and a few science books (single topic) that I picked up along the way.

And some nature journaling too. 


Teach Them Spanish

I was really annoyed that this book requires you to have a copy machine.  Which I don't.  It has printing on both sides of the page, which it often wants you to cut up.  Really irritating.  Pretty repetitive book too, the subject matter was fine though.  Not a love, not a hate.


Singapore Math B

Ours came as one book, not sure why I linked to two books.  But this has been fine.  We don't loooove math, and E doesn't seem to enjoy this book too much, but it works.  I like the concepts. 

Activity book

Lollipop logic

She loved this book and finished it pretty quickly.  Definitely a good purchase!  I really liked how it seemed to teach her *how* to think about problems. 

Hooked on Math Kindergarten

E's favorite math book.  Finished it early. 

When she finished the book, with the certificate from the end.  We do a lot of school in princess gear :)


Timberdoodle Beginning Geography

Was a bit much at first, but perfect about halfway through our year.

My Pop Up World Atlas

Great resource for fun exploring. 

Melissa and Doug World Map Puzzle

Fun add on. 


Usborne living long ago

A street through time

Both fun books to read and look at.  Usually for "history" we focus on a period in time- like Egypt, during Passover, and read books about Egypt, and Moses, etc.  This works really well for us and I think we'll continue this idea next year.


Memory Verse CD

GREAT way to memorize scripture.  I learned them all too!

Berenstein Bears Bible Storybook

I really like this bible storybook.  Much more in depth than our others. Combined with the Jesus Storybook Bible, everything I wanted covered was there.

A Child's Book of Character Building

Meh.  Allright.  We do this once a week, next year I plan on doing something different.  It works though.  A lot of the stories focus on school, which isn't my favorite. 


Ready Set Learn Time

Kumon Amazing Mazes

Love both of these.

All in all, a great year!  Lots of enjoyable learning and bonding.  I'm so very thankful for all the blessings in homeschooling- I see her relationship with her brother growing and her sweet spirit shining brightly.  I can't imagine packing my sweet baby off to a school for eight hours a day, I just couldn't do it.  Lord willing we'll continue schooling through the summer and then take some time off when the baby comes in August, and pick back up in the fall!  We still do school for about an hour each day.  It's amazing what you can accomplish in an hour.  And we both love the one on one time we get with school!

Sweet sibling love at our neighborhood weekly bible study.