Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thirty days of October Fun! -Week One-

Thought I'd try to take a picture and make a little post every day in October!  Here's the first week- I'll edit this post as the week progresses.

Day One
We have a little rotating Bible time with the neighborhood kiddos- it's so much fun!  We hosted this week- read The Pumpkin Parable, played some cute games, sang Jesus wants me for a Sonbeam, and made jack o lanterns from paper plates and their hand prints were the leaves :)

Getting her face painted later that night at Neighborhood Night Out.  It amazes me how still that little gal can be sometimes!  She was like a statue :)

Day Two:
Evie and I made a black and orange paper chain (lots of good fine motor skills in the glueing and weaving together!)  Originally we were going to have 31 links and tear off one each day until trick or treating, but she decided she'd rather keep it whole.  It amazed me how much she enjoyed making this!

Day Three:
We planted mums today in her mommy made Red Riding Hood dress!

A better shot of the dress from the other day when she wore it the first time. 

Day Four:

We took a fall leaf finding bike ride and then did leaf rubbings, in her mommy made rainbow pony skirt!