Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our DIY Homeschool Calendar!

I wanted to incorporate a calendar time for Miss E into our school this year, but since we don't have a school room, and we do our learning in the kitchen/ breakfast room, I didn't want to have some primary colored kiddie calendar that looked silly in our house.  I love those calendars, don't get me wrong, but our house is an open floor plan type of look, so we just don't have a kid colored area.  I was planning on just hand drawing it, but my awesome and SUPER talented friend Lindsay designed it on her fancy pants computer instead... and can I just say, did an amazing job!  

I pretty much just sat next to her in awe and watched her make magic with her computer. 

Then I went home and tried to make some pockets with just my hand lettering.  
Not so pretty.  I threw these away!

So I ended up typing them up on the computer in the matching font and making pockets with contact paper.  25 year old contact paper.  No lie, my mom bought the roll when my brother went to school.  Now that was an investment, lol! 

It has a Weather area (I used these printables from Learn Create Love), a sight words area (I used the dolch kinder list and cut them out), a season area, and a Catechism (Westminster Shorter) question area.  If anyone would like the questions, I typed them up all prettily and can email them to you :)  I would post the file, but as I am not computer savvy, the best I can do is email!

We are using these videos each day to learn the days of the week and months (another one here) of the year.  Each day she writes the day and temperature on with a dry erase marker, and we do a sight word and catechism question as we learn them.  She pastes them in her journal when she has one memorized.  So far its been great fun! :)

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