Tuesday, January 1, 2013

October with the Family

I realize this is an old post, but I wrote it and forgot to publish it!  So here it is anyway :)

We are having such a nice October so far, but with LOTS of traveling.  Which is lots of fun of course, but this momma is ready for some routine :) 

 My parents rented an unbelievably beautiful home on the river to stay in while my brother was here.  Wonderful memories were made, with lots of kayaking, a little swimming (in the very cold water), and lots of good conversation and great food!  Evangeline loved kayaking especially, and keeps asking to go back to the house.  I tried to explain it wasn't really ours :)  Though everyone wishes it was!  Asher took his first steps while we were there. 

We got a picture of the whole family together.  It was wonderful having my brother here- we look very much forward to the day he will hopefully be living nearby.  He is almost done with his residency as a general surgeon, and next year will be completing his fellowship in trauma surgery, then we hope a move back to Texas!

We've been doing lots of very fun fall preschool crafts.  Here's Evie decorating her fall leaf cookies.  They were amazingly yummy!

Our thankful tree.

Daddy and Asher at the corn maze.

Hubby's next youngest brother got married!  We had so much fun at the wedding.  Evie stayed with her gigi and pawpaw and had loads of fun, but we took our little nursling along of course! 

My new sister in law and my handsome brother in law, in his Army uniform. 

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