Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We had such a lovely December.  I just love the holidays!  Asher started walking really well, even trying to run.  He is my rough and tumble little boy, for sure.  I don't think he's ever without a bruise on his body or face somewhere- he climbs everything, for better or worse.  He doesn't have much of a sense of what's not a good idea to flip over the edge of, whether that is a bed or a bathtub. :-p  He started signing, which I just love!  His first sign was "more"... as in "more cheesy poofs" :)  Which is just perfect for him.  He's a bit of a chub, still nursing all the time, and sleeping with mommy and daddy, and treating me like an all-night buffet!  Hopefully we'll be fixing that soon, lol.  Here he is in his new mama-made camo pants.  Every boy needs camo pants, and Asher is too 'fluffy' for the ones in the store!

Asher was not a fan of any Santa anywhere!

Mommy and her girl :)

With Gigi!

We took a very last minute trip to Aggieland to see the Heisman announcement.  It was SO much fun.  Hubby said at about 11 am, lets go to College Station.  At 1, we were on the road!  We spent the night there and made so many great memories.  We even got a picture with Reveille!

 Evangeline on Christmas morning with her stocking.  She got a little time in with presents before little brother woke up :)

We spent lots of time at the parks around our neighborhood.  Evie and Asher both just love to go outside and play!

 My brother got engaged! YAY!  I can't wait to have a new sister :)

Waiting for a balloon animal at breakfast with Santa.  We went with my grandparents and had such a wonderful time.  Evie got her face painted, as you can see. 

We are working on tricycle riding.  Right now its a lot of mommy pushing :)

We have already started our Valentines crafts!  For some reason, Valentines is one of my favorite holidays.  I go all out.  Expect a post on that soon :-D

 Ah, glitter crafts.  So much mess, but so pretty!

Happy New Years!!! :)  I pray we are blessed and grow closer to God in this coming year!


  1. I love seeing pictures of your precious family. And I love fluffy boys. Zion weighed about 30 pounds at 1 but now, 3 months shy of being 3, he weighs 34 pounds. Of course his 6 year old sister only weighs 38 pounds. Its great to see you on action.

  2. I get really "into" Valentine's Day, too! Looking forward to your next post. :)