Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Miss turns Two

We just celebrated sweet Evangeline's second birthday. It's hard to believe she has grown up so much- it feels like she's always been in my life, but on the other hand the time has flown by! The week of her birthday, her Uncle Charlie came to stay with us. He is my husband's youngest brother and to say Evangeline ADORES him is quite an understatement. She barely left his side for a moment the whole time, and was always calling, "Charlie, come! Charlie come!" He is very sweet to her and played with her non-stop. Here are a few pictures of his visit and her family party.

Opening a present from Gigi and Pawpaw before the party.

Hanging out with Charlie. If he sat down on the couch, she crawled right up there with him and would snuggle right up.

Reading with daddy and Charlie. About two minutes after this she was sprawled in Charlie's lap.

Playing with one of her presents.

Helping her open presents.

Family shot after the party!

I haven't been feeling any better yet, but I'm hoping and praying to turn a corner this week (14 weeks, Lord willing, on Tuesday).

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  1. Wow. I can't believe she is two. She is so adorable. You look great and I am sorry that you still aren't feeling well. Maybe that "break" is just around the corner.