Monday, March 7, 2011

Hubby Becomes a Deacon

I was so blessed to watch my amazing hubby become a deacon at our Church this Sunday. He is truly an inspiring man of God, and I am so thankful for him. I love him more and more every day. Here is a picture of our little family after the service.
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  1. What an honor. Praise the Lord for godly young men!

  2. The role of deacon varies among different churches, even of the same denomination. I've been to churches where a deacon delivered the sermon, and ones where they answered the mail. Would you mind sharing what your husband does?

  3. What an honor and special blessing! We miss you all! :)
    love, ~Jennifer

  4. Sorry it took me so long to answer! A deacon at our church is in charge of the "physical" needs of the spiritual body. They take care of the widows, widowers, service projects, etc. :)