Friday, February 18, 2011

New dress and Blankie

Evangeline really needed a new BIG blanket... a toddler sized one :) I found this adorable bird fabric and coordinating polka dots... I love polka dots. So here is little miss snuggled up for a nap. She loves the blanket and cuddles with it all day. Evie's baby got a matching blanket too!

I made her a little lounge wear dress to go with it. Super soft and cuddly! I want to make her matching ruffled pantaloons, but alas, I ran out of fabric. Honestly, I want to make myself some matching ones too. I love this fabric, lol.

Here she is accessorizing with my shoes!

Thank you so much, Tilly, for sending me the pattern! I just love it- it's going to be a summer staple for sure.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Minky Dot Tutorial Blanket

One of my sweet friends is having her third baby any day now, and since little Mister is supposed to come a wee bit early, I figured he needed something extra cuddly for his welcoming present! When Evangeline was born one of my friends made her this *wonderful* giant minky blanket that I'm constantly stealing, so I thought I would try my hand at making one for Cohen. A man a few neighborhoods over monograms things beautifully (he did Evangeline's reading chair) so I got him to monogram the fabric before I made the blanket. I was kind of worried about sewing minky, so I googled a bit, and found this tutorial- which helped a lot. I think the most important thing though was take. it. slow. REALLY slow. For some reason when I topstitched it, my thread broke 9 or 10 times. At least. Whew. But when I slowed waaay down, it did fine. Here are some pictures! I made it a bit big so he can still use it when he's a toddler. Most of Evie's baby blankets are too small for her now, so I need to make her some new ones. I used a Michael Miller cowboy print and black minky fabric.

Here's a close up-
I can't wait to see him all snuggled up in it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

January Projects

I had an idea, about mid January, that every month I would sew one thing for the house, one thing for Evangeline, and one thing for me. Well... come January 28th I had made two things for Evie, and nothing else! It was just the inspiration I needed.
So I finally got out the quilt I bought last year (with our tax refund! Really! a year ago!) and got to cutting. I bought the clearance quilt on purpose to make pillows- when my grandmother gave us these purple couches, she also gave me a huge bag of gold pillows. Really pretty, but not my style. However, pillow forms are so expensive, so I kept them all to hopefully recover. They had some gold braid on them that would show through any normal fabric, so I thought quilted fabric would be just the thing. Quilted fabric is also expensive though... so when I saw the quilt I was thrilled. Here is the finished project. We have two identical couches facing each other, so I made four pillows.

Here is Evangeline's reading nook, which is just to the right side. The rug was hubby and my's Christmas present to each other. We love it, it's so snuggly!

I was able to use the pretty bound edge of the quilt for the opening on the back of the pillows. I don't know if it shows up well in the picture, but it was a nice effect, and made sewing these pillows ridiculously easy!

Well, four pillows later... I needed to make something for ME...

A zebra headband to match Evie's skirt. Ha. :) Maybe next month I'll make myself something better. Hey, it counts...

And today we had snow! For the first time in many years... I was 13 months old last time snow stuck to the ground here. Our back deck looked so beautiful! It shut the entire city and all our highways down, so we were very blessed to have hubby stay home all day with us. Yay!