Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Bibs for a Little Gal

Miss Evangeline was in desperate need of some Very Big Bibs. She has recently begun to be fascinated with the idea of feeding herself, which usually involves some pretty heavy damage to whatever adorable outfit mommy has picked out for her. Normal sized bibs will just not cut it. Plastic bibs are firmly refused by the little lady. As such, mommy was forced to bring back out her sewing machine, after an 18 month or so hiatus, and get to work!

I used a bib given to me by a friend as a pattern. I enlarged it a tad, and lots of flannel leftovers later, we have 5 new bibs, double layered flannel, bias tape ties, with heart stitching on the middles. You can kind of see the disappearing pen in the picture, which will hopefully be disappearing soon!

Here is my little model, enjoying her new bib. So much so that she wore it all afternoon, and never wanted to take it off. This mommy is quite satisfied. Who knows, this may lead to more projects! I had kind of forgotten how much fun it was to sew. And well... I've got enough fabric to supply... one... or two projects maybe... :)


  1. What a doll! Okay, my best Mommy tip? Add a 2nd set of ties where the bibs curve in! This prevents her from all (most?) of the bib games children like playing (peek-a-boo= food in hair, cape= food on clothes anyway etc. etc. etc. And it helps with the inevitable times when she will lift her bib up, only to lay it down in her food before carefully patting it against said adorable outfit... Not that my kids have EVER done ANY of these things of course! ;) Good job Mama, I hope it has re-inspired your crafting!!

  2. Love the bibs! I need some like that for Miss Rowan...she is not fond of the big bibs I have. Wishing i had a pattern right now!
    Oh, and I totally second Tilly about the second set of ties! Not that I have any experience in those issues or anything...ahem....

    Always lovely to hear from you :-)

    Lots of love,

  3. they're really cute Lauren, and I'm sure they do the job perfectly! :) sending hugs your way!