Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Bed

Hubby built us this bed and nightstand set. He is TRULY amazing and SO talented!! It is such a blessing to be married to a man like him. It turned out beautifully. I helped a teeny tiny bit with sanding and painting, but 99% of the work was his. Evangeline loved to watch daddy work. It's a good thing someone in this house is still crafty :) I am so thankful that God provided me such a wonderful husband.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

17 months

Here's a little update of Evangeline at 17 months...

-She is very busy all the time, and loves to push carts at the store. Just about everything catches her eye, and she wants to go over and explore it!
-She signs mommy milk, cat, home, dog, outside, bath, more, eat, water, all done, more, airplane, helicopter, train. Her favorite is definitely helicopter.
-She says "up" and "mom mom" alot. She sometimes says, "baby", often says "this" or "that". And she sure does "talk" alot :)
-Her favorite game is peekaboo and she often hides in the shower curtain and waits for me to say, "Where's my baby!?!" :)
-She wears pigtails most days since she doesn't have enough hair for bangs, but has too much hair to be down!
-She loves cheese, yogurt, and anything chocolate. I'm trying to get her to expand her culinary habits... it's not working that well....
-She nurses probably 6-7 times a day. If I let her, she would nurse 12 times a day, lol.