Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An almost 16 month Update on Sweet Evangeline

I really need to start writing some things down, otherwise I know they'll be forgotten. It's been a really, really long time since I blogged, but what better place to jot down my thoughts? :)
Some of Evangeline's favorite things at sixteen months include...
1. Tiny chairs... she was given a little plastic lawn chair at a birthday party, and she totes it around everywhere, sitting in it or putting her baby doll in it.
2. She signs alot! Mommy milk, Eat, Airplane, Bath, Outside, Want. But she doesn't say anything besides, Momma! yet. She sure does talk alot though, and that's recently changed to include lots of L sounds, beside just the Na na's, Ma ma's, and other consonants.
3. She loves helping mommy. I pray that God blesses this helping spirit she has and increases it daily. She will gladly stand at the washer and put every little piece of clothing into the dryer, one at a time. It's adorable. And she loves to press the buttons at the top.
4. She adores purses, bows, dresses, and all things girly.
5. Her favorite foods are most definitely mommy milk, cheese, Luna bars and fruit. Getting her to eat most anything else is... not easy. Oh, and sweets, of course! :)
6. She is so fast. One trip to Target is all you need for a good workout. She clings to me like glue at home, but put her in a store, and she's raring to go!
7. She loves to "read" and be read to, she'll always bring you a book and jump in your lap if you ask her to.
8. She loves the intro to Veggie Tales, and some of the songs, but won't give the TV the time of day for anything else. Since we don't have cable, I think she thinks the only thing that comes on the TV is the news, lol :)
9. She loves being outside, and all animals. She does this funny little barking noise when she sees or hears a dog.
10. She is terrified of noises- loud ones, soft ones, funny ones... you name it! She throws her little hands up in a "WHAT WAS THAT!?!" gesture, and if you don't answer lickety split, you'll have one upset baby on your hands. It's pretty cute.

I really want to get back into blogging, since I'm so inspired and challenged by a handful of other women who so freely share their triumphs and struggles, but we will see :) I find myself quite busy just with taking care of my family. And I am so blessed to be so. I'm learning alot more about homeschooling, and I really want/ need to implement a little more schedule into our day. I know we'll be the better for it. This might sound silly at Evangeline's age, but I want to have a little "school" time each day. Many blessings on you, friends!


  1. Thanks for sharing a little snippet of your sweet girlie! I'd forgotten how close in age she and Rowan are(almost 19mos!). Rowan doesn't actually say too many words...but she sure does chatter:-)

    Rowan likes to "do school"...okay, she likes to sit up in her high chair and "color" as soon as we begin in the morning. Of course, she is usually done and throwing crayons every where before too long..but I think it is good to have them learn to be "still" for a little while daily. You'll be glad you did later ;-)

    Lovely hearing from you again my dear!

    Lots of love,

  2. Oh she's so adorable. I love her dress. I love smocking! I too enjoyed reading snippets of your life. We would love to hear more from you but totally understand that you are busy. As I recently stated blogging is the only scrapbooking/memory log I have. I have to reference my blog to remember things. Seriously. That's bad, huh?

    I think you would do good to start a structured time with her. I've heard arguments on both sides but I'm more leaning towards structured learning time is good. Just focus on Christ as the center and let it be fun. : )

    Hope to hear more from you.


  3. If you feel like a "schedule" will be beneficial to you, then more power to you, but don't get bogged down by the need for one. It wasn't until this year that I finally set a *VERY FLEXIBLE* schedule for us. I'm really not a schedule person, they stress me out because I know I can't stick to them. You can easily get by without one for a few more kids down the road lol. :)