Thursday, June 24, 2010

Evangeline's Nursery

Since Evangeline has made the move to her own room, I've recently felt the need to make it more lovely and welcoming for her! :) So here are a few of the new changes.

This cross was above my baby crib.

Evie has gotten quite a bit faster at nursing, so I've moved her glider into her bedroom. Also, now that she's so much bigger we can pretty much nurse anywhere!

We put her name on the wall... and some butterflies too!

New curtains... these were two different lengths since one was an old one of mine, and I found another one on ebay. I wanted to keep the pretty bottom, so I made new casings at the top to adjust them. I'm so thankful that worked! :)

Can you believe my baby girl has enough hair for pigtails!? I'm so excited!!!

What a blessing. There are just no words!!

And for good measure, here is a random picture of our kitchen that we have decorated a bit more.