Saturday, January 23, 2010

So sick!

So sick that I used one of these guys. I'd heard alot about them, and if I were any less sick I probably never would have tried one. If I weren't such a weeny about taking any medication, I would probably never have used one. But so far, so good... it was a weird sensation to be sure, but I've been able to breathe for the last 30 minutes through my nose. Which is 30 minutes longer than I've been able to breathe for my nose for the last week.


  1. way to go, Lauren! they really work!

    we use them faithfully every day :)

    hope you continue to feel better!
    ~Jennifer and Jaimee

  2. Oh Lauren! So sorry to hear you've been sick. I have a friend who swears by those things, but I've never tried one - perhaps I'll have to investigate next time I get sick. I hope you continue to be able to breathe through your nose!

  3. Oh, I know how you feel about having a blocked nose! I've always wondered whether those "things" (I have no idea what they are called!) actually work - I'll have to give it a go too!