Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Menu Plan... Tuesday?

Well, better late than never :) We are happily recovering from the sinus yuckies, and little Miss Evangeline is the only one who seems to still have the sniffles. I can't wait for my baby to be all better! Here's my plan for the week...

Monday... Spinach Quiche with fruit
Tuesday... leftover Quiche with cinnamon rolls
Wednesday... Chicken and Drop Biscuits
Thursday... Same :)
Friday... BBQ chicken, Best Biscuits, Broccoli
Saturday... Homemade pizza and salad (We would normally do this on friday night, but we are having some friends over who have lots of littles, and I thought this would be a fun dinner to do with them!)
Sunday... leftovers from Friday!

And here is a picture of Miss Evie in her new high chair. So far this is used mostly for play time :) Though tonight she did begrudgingly swallow a bite or two of organic pears. That's the first time I've really seen her reeeeally swallow baby food, even though she made the funniest face while she did. Too cute.

We just got our window seat recovered... you can kind of see it in the background. I love the new colors!


  1. Love your new blog! I can't believe how big Evie has gotten...she's a little cutie! :)

  2. Your menu sounds delicious! :-) And I second Kaitlyn Michelle -- your new blog is lovely!

    Goodness, Evie looks like you! Which is a compliment to both of you. ;-)


  3. Yummy! I've dropped the ball with our menu this week as I've been sick...sort of whatever I can make in 5-10 minutes. :) Miss Evie is such a pretty little miss, and her seat is so pretty! I saw the window seat in the background right away and was going to ask if you had done it...it all looks so nice! I'm going through a major purging and reorganizing of our home right now, although I doubt I'll get to the painting that needs to be done until Spring. I hope to share pictures soon! ~How is your home coming? The pictures you've shared so far have been wonderful! :)

  4. She is such a doll! And I love the chair and window seat :-)
    Your menu seems quite nice, simple and yummy!

    I really need to get into a menu planning habit!

  5. She's grown so much and she's so cute. I am glad that you all are recovering. Sickness for mommy is bad. Sickness for baby is really bad and sad. We've had a week of injuried ankle (Emma), rash (Emma), fever (Maggie) and dental work (Maggie) with a really really rough recovery and it's only Wednesday!!!! I can count one hand how many times they have been sick and then total attack this week. It's so hard to watch your children hurt or suffer.

    I love the black and white. It looks so classic.

  6. the black and white is beautiful, Lauren!!