Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Bed

Hubby built us this bed and nightstand set. He is TRULY amazing and SO talented!! It is such a blessing to be married to a man like him. It turned out beautifully. I helped a teeny tiny bit with sanding and painting, but 99% of the work was his. Evangeline loved to watch daddy work. It's a good thing someone in this house is still crafty :) I am so thankful that God provided me such a wonderful husband.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

17 months

Here's a little update of Evangeline at 17 months...

-She is very busy all the time, and loves to push carts at the store. Just about everything catches her eye, and she wants to go over and explore it!
-She signs mommy milk, cat, home, dog, outside, bath, more, eat, water, all done, more, airplane, helicopter, train. Her favorite is definitely helicopter.
-She says "up" and "mom mom" alot. She sometimes says, "baby", often says "this" or "that". And she sure does "talk" alot :)
-Her favorite game is peekaboo and she often hides in the shower curtain and waits for me to say, "Where's my baby!?!" :)
-She wears pigtails most days since she doesn't have enough hair for bangs, but has too much hair to be down!
-She loves cheese, yogurt, and anything chocolate. I'm trying to get her to expand her culinary habits... it's not working that well....
-She nurses probably 6-7 times a day. If I let her, she would nurse 12 times a day, lol.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An almost 16 month Update on Sweet Evangeline

I really need to start writing some things down, otherwise I know they'll be forgotten. It's been a really, really long time since I blogged, but what better place to jot down my thoughts? :)
Some of Evangeline's favorite things at sixteen months include...
1. Tiny chairs... she was given a little plastic lawn chair at a birthday party, and she totes it around everywhere, sitting in it or putting her baby doll in it.
2. She signs alot! Mommy milk, Eat, Airplane, Bath, Outside, Want. But she doesn't say anything besides, Momma! yet. She sure does talk alot though, and that's recently changed to include lots of L sounds, beside just the Na na's, Ma ma's, and other consonants.
3. She loves helping mommy. I pray that God blesses this helping spirit she has and increases it daily. She will gladly stand at the washer and put every little piece of clothing into the dryer, one at a time. It's adorable. And she loves to press the buttons at the top.
4. She adores purses, bows, dresses, and all things girly.
5. Her favorite foods are most definitely mommy milk, cheese, Luna bars and fruit. Getting her to eat most anything else is... not easy. Oh, and sweets, of course! :)
6. She is so fast. One trip to Target is all you need for a good workout. She clings to me like glue at home, but put her in a store, and she's raring to go!
7. She loves to "read" and be read to, she'll always bring you a book and jump in your lap if you ask her to.
8. She loves the intro to Veggie Tales, and some of the songs, but won't give the TV the time of day for anything else. Since we don't have cable, I think she thinks the only thing that comes on the TV is the news, lol :)
9. She loves being outside, and all animals. She does this funny little barking noise when she sees or hears a dog.
10. She is terrified of noises- loud ones, soft ones, funny ones... you name it! She throws her little hands up in a "WHAT WAS THAT!?!" gesture, and if you don't answer lickety split, you'll have one upset baby on your hands. It's pretty cute.

I really want to get back into blogging, since I'm so inspired and challenged by a handful of other women who so freely share their triumphs and struggles, but we will see :) I find myself quite busy just with taking care of my family. And I am so blessed to be so. I'm learning alot more about homeschooling, and I really want/ need to implement a little more schedule into our day. I know we'll be the better for it. This might sound silly at Evangeline's age, but I want to have a little "school" time each day. Many blessings on you, friends!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tea with Michelle

I was so blessed to be a part of making this video as a thank you for Michelle Duggar. She is such an inspiration to me! The Lord has truly used her in my life in many ways. I'm the first one in the video.

Thank You Michelle Duggar from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

I can't say how much I enjoyed going to tea with Michelle. I didn't get a chance to speak with her, but I loved the Q&A session. I also met some wonderfully like minded ladies that I was so blessed to fellowship with at our table. Here is a picture of us afterwards.

One of the ladies I sat with was Tonya, of Fruitful Vine Creations, where we ordered this lovely wall scripture from.

Our darling baby girl turned one year old. Here is a picture with Mommy after her birthday party! I am so blessed by God to have her in my life. She is a preciously sweet child, who loves all kinds of jewelry, will take anything and make it into a bracelet and then smile up at me to show me. She is sleeping through the night now (we are so thankful for this blessing), but still loves to nurse quite a bit during the day. I love that special time we spend together. In the morning when she wakes up, I go and get her out of bed, and she plays between me and hubby after she nurses, while mommy and daddy slowly wake up :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Evangeline's Nursery

Since Evangeline has made the move to her own room, I've recently felt the need to make it more lovely and welcoming for her! :) So here are a few of the new changes.

This cross was above my baby crib.

Evie has gotten quite a bit faster at nursing, so I've moved her glider into her bedroom. Also, now that she's so much bigger we can pretty much nurse anywhere!

We put her name on the wall... and some butterflies too!

New curtains... these were two different lengths since one was an old one of mine, and I found another one on ebay. I wanted to keep the pretty bottom, so I made new casings at the top to adjust them. I'm so thankful that worked! :)

Can you believe my baby girl has enough hair for pigtails!? I'm so excited!!!

What a blessing. There are just no words!!

And for good measure, here is a random picture of our kitchen that we have decorated a bit more.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bow Board

I was making a bow board for Evangeline! I followed... more or less... this tutorial HERE. I love the Sew Mama Sew blog- so many fun projects I want to try. I had hubby cut me a 20x20 piece of plywood, which I covered (using a staplegun) with batting, flannel, then this butterfly fabric- it was an old pillowcase of mine which I cut up. So I actually only had to buy the ribbon and a bit of tulle. I used ribbon with little loopy things on the sides, so I could be sure the bows wouldn't slide down or around. I also basketweaved the ribbon. I used painter's tape to secure the ribbon and make sure it was properly spaced. I may have gone a little bit overboard with that step (as you could see in the other post) but I wanted to be sure it was right! I then stapled the ribbon to the back. I added the tulle bow as a "faux" hanger. It's really hung by nails. It made a really fun project, and a great way to organize a whole lot of bows for a little girl with not a whole lot of hair! :-D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evie enjoying the sprinklers!

First, a sneak peek of my new project...

We have been doing the No Cry Sleep Solution... so far, so good, and I've really enjoyed having my nighttime crafting time back! I didn't even know I was missing it until I got it back :)

Evangeline discovered the sprinklers. She got so muddy and wet, but she had such a great time!

Her little face is so wet in this picture!

Last night she crawled right over to the sprinklers, and seemed both confused and disappointed that no water was coming out. Too cute!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Homemade Pizza

I have a homemade pizza addiction. I think it's the best thing in the world! And it makes me happy to know that for just a teensy bit of work, I don't have to worry about overpriced pizza takeout places or nasty chemicals that are in frozen pizzas. Here's another recipe cost breakdown... And this another recipe from Tammy's Recipes. I just modified it a bit, since I've made it so many times.

2 1/2 c flour (I use 2 c all purpose, 1/2 c whole wheat) 0.51
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp yeast
1 c warm water
1 tbsp olive oil
Oregano, Thyme, and Garlic
I'm thinking for all this it might be 50 cents. I hate to estimate, but I haven't bought these things in a while, so I don't have them on receipts!
2 c pizza mix cheese 2.00
turkey pepperoni 0.42

So total, the pizza cost is 3.43. Approximately 4 servings, so 85 cents per serving! Not bad :) And so, so yummy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

With Mommy in Cibolo

I have no idea how to turn this picture, but I thought it was cute :)

No, no, please darling... wear your sunglasses!

This picture is funny because Miss Evie loves to use my hair as a handy handle to hold onto. I'm often brushing out tangles from this spot... lol :)

Gigi bought her sunglasses since her sweet little blue eyes are so light sensitive. Sadly, she will not wear them for more than a moment! Here I am giving her a rock to try and distract her from them...

She's learning how to wave!

We are loving this weather.

Bluebonnets in Bloom!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No fuss Lasagna

I really needed a new "go to" easy recipe for lasagna. I tried a new one tonight, and it got good reviews all around :) I also want to start keeping track of how much certain recipes cost total and cost per serving so I can be more budget conscious with my cooking. Here it is all out...

Frozen chopped spinach... 0.55
Mozzerella (16 oz)... 4.30
1 egg... 0.21
Pasta Sauce... 1.89
15 oz Part Skim Ricotta... 1.67
No Boil Noodles... 2.00 (guessing, since I had these on hand)
Oregano and Garlic Powder... 0.10

Total Cost... $10.72
Approximately 8 servings... $1.34

Here's the link to the recipe! (I added the spinach for more punch)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evangeline Pictures

Playing with blocks... she loves to take things out of boxes!

I think this face is SO cute, I just had to put it up :)

With the Bluebonnets... there's just a few so far, but she loved picking this one apart!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chicken Tetrazzini

Here's another favorite, all out...

1 pkg extra wide Egg Noodles... 1.53
1 pkg pimento stuffed olives... 2.78
1/3 stick of organic butter... .33
Italian Seasoning... .05
Chicken... 2.37
Parmesan Cheese... .50

Total... 3.78
This will serve us twice, so that makes... 1.89 per serving.

Cheap Healthy Good

Hubby sent me this, and with his help, I think I'll try it!

I'll need hubby's help because as a person who doesn't eat meat that often, and has never, ever (maybe not even seen?) dealt with a whole, uncooked chicken, I might have problems. Also, as I told hubby, as a reformed vegetarian who struggles to touch meat, picking all the meat off of a chicken might make me not want to eat it... and might make me gag/ die inside a little bit.

Here's to trying new things and having wonderful understanding hubbies! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Shower!

Some friends and I from church were so blessed to throw our friend Lisa a baby shower for her first born son, Josiah. They live right near us, so Lisa and I are very excited about future playdates! It was my first time to host a shower, and we had such a lovely time! I wish I had taken more pictures but alas, I was a busy girl. :)

Can you tell I'm really excited here? Lol!

We were trying to get a picture of the babies together...

My adorable friend Jenny with Miss Evangeline.

A baby bump makes a perfect baby rest :)

Hanging out after the shower with mommy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm so thankful for...

Little fingerprints on my computer screen. Just one of those things that make you sigh and smile, and thank God for your blessings.

I thought I'd be able to put up a bunch of zoo pictures from my brother's trip here, but alas, I can't find them. They are apparently in computer never never land. Maybe tomorrow they'll appear! For now, an updated family photo!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another bout of sickness...

Has come and hopefully gone. We are very ready to be well here! In teething news, Miss Evie now has 3!!! Very hard earned teeth I might add. She loves tapping her brand new top tooth against her bottom two. Its very sweet!

Hubby has been very kind and recovered all our kitchen chairs since I can't stand staplegunning. It really hurts my fingers!! Here is the old kitchen view...

And the new kitchen view! I love the new colors. They "flow" so much better. I need to set the table and take a picture from the same angle to have true before and after photos. But I suppose this is a "sneak preview" :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Yummy Recipes

I am not a very good cook, but in my desire to become a better cook... and therefore a better wifey... I've been trying some new recipes. Here are a few of my absolute favorites.

Chicken Gravy and Drop Biscuits

I made this for dinner tonight, with organic veggies and chicken broth. Hubby loves it and calls it an inside out chicken pot pie. Perfect for cold days!

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

This is to die for :) Just like Great Harvest Bread, but not 7 dollars a loaf! *eek*

Italian Cheesy Bread

Perfect side dish, and I use the bread recipe for our homemade pizza too.

And I love making homemade bagels... chocolate chip is the best! I haven't made them in a while though- very time consuming :)

If anyone has any good recipes that are semi-easy for a beginner like me, I'd love it if you would share them!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Menu Plan... Tuesday?

Well, better late than never :) We are happily recovering from the sinus yuckies, and little Miss Evangeline is the only one who seems to still have the sniffles. I can't wait for my baby to be all better! Here's my plan for the week...

Monday... Spinach Quiche with fruit
Tuesday... leftover Quiche with cinnamon rolls
Wednesday... Chicken and Drop Biscuits
Thursday... Same :)
Friday... BBQ chicken, Best Biscuits, Broccoli
Saturday... Homemade pizza and salad (We would normally do this on friday night, but we are having some friends over who have lots of littles, and I thought this would be a fun dinner to do with them!)
Sunday... leftovers from Friday!

And here is a picture of Miss Evie in her new high chair. So far this is used mostly for play time :) Though tonight she did begrudgingly swallow a bite or two of organic pears. That's the first time I've really seen her reeeeally swallow baby food, even though she made the funniest face while she did. Too cute.

We just got our window seat recovered... you can kind of see it in the background. I love the new colors!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

So sick!

So sick that I used one of these guys. I'd heard alot about them, and if I were any less sick I probably never would have tried one. If I weren't such a weeny about taking any medication, I would probably never have used one. But so far, so good... it was a weird sensation to be sure, but I've been able to breathe for the last 30 minutes through my nose. Which is 30 minutes longer than I've been able to breathe for my nose for the last week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Favorite Books for Evie

I think it is so important to be mindful about what books we read to our babies. You are what you read, after all... so here are my current favorites for book time. These all have beautiful illustrations with modestly dressed young girls and great messages- which is sometimes hard to find even in "Christian" books.

This book is SO sweet and really encourages little girls as mothers and home-keepers. Very touching and vintage, and just lovely. It follows a little girl throughout the day as she takes care of her home and "babies" when "daddy" goes off to work.

A wonderful story of purity before marriage. It would be impossible to say how great this book is!

This book has little rhymes about character traits of God's little girl. It loosely follows Proverbs 31, and is almost everything that you could want in a book for your daughter. I have to admit, sometimes even these children's books are convicting to me- they are very busy little girls :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yummy Spinach Soup

I promised some friends I would post my favorite soup recipe... here it is! This is very yummy, very hearty, and you can make it as frugal or as fancy as you like by making everything organic. It's got a few of the "dirty dozen" (spinach and potatoes) in it- but I honestly only regularly use organic chicken broth and organic butter. Organic potatoes and spinach are harder to come by- I think I'd have to go to a special store for that, and well... that's just probably not going to happen anytime soon. I may stock up on some organic spinach next time I'm at Whole Foods though, since that's frozen and can keep for a Long Time. I make this with either bread bowls (I make the dough in the breadmaker then make round bowls in the oven) or drop biscuits. Hope you enjoy- someone shared it on a sewing board I'm part of a few years back, and it is SO delicious!

2 medium/large potatoes peeled and sliced paper thin
2 carrots peeled and sliced pretty thin (I usually do 3 med/large carrots)
1 box frozen chopped spinach
46 oz chicken broth
chopped green onions (I use two bunches, but this is really to taste)
1 large can evaporated milk
1/4 cup rice (I use a bit more to make it stew like)
3 TBSP butter
the original recipe calls for salt, but I've never felt the need for it.

Saute the green onions in the butter until they are tender. Add all the chicken broth, bring to a boil. Add the evaporated milk, stir to blend (honestly you can do this at anytime... since I have forgotten at some points to add this until the end) Add the potatoes, carrots, and rice. Boil 15 minutes. I do this at a pretty low boil, nothing rolling or crazy. Add the frozen spinach (just unwrap it and put the frozen block in. Continue to leave on the original heat for another 15 minutes. Serve in your bread bowls or with biscuits :) It makes alot- serves 7 approximately. Whenever momma or I make it we usually share... because no one wants *that* many leftovers. Someday I hope to have enough babies to eat it all in one night, Lord willing :-D
You can cut up everything the night before while your baby sleeps... your potatoes will be a funny color the next day, but they'll taste just fine!
Also, Hubby likes his sprinkled with crispy chopped turkey bacon, leftover fresh green onion and some cheese.

Ebay Link

As requested, here's the links to the Ebay Auction!

Thanks for the sweet comments about the kitchen decor. I'll miss the cherries too. Some small part of me will always thrill when I see anything red and aqua :)

Kitchen Redecorating!

Here's a little glimpse at the new kitchen colors! These are the new plates. Yellow trim with blue grey butterflies... I think they are just right.

A little decorative honey pot... and my poor ivy that has survived so much abuse and neglect it deserves a medal.

Here's the calendar that inspired it all! My momma got me this for Christmas, and when I put it on the wall, I just knew that I needed to change the kitchen colors. This made the wall color and the cabinets really flow... as opposed to the red and aqua, which I think detracted from the colors.

I found this plate hanger at Hobby Lobby for half off.

I got this tin print when I was about 15 I think! It was in my room growing up, and my momma had found it a while back in the house. I put it up in the laundry room since it didn't really go anywhere, but now it matches perfectly. Evie loves to look at the colors and hear me describe all the different kind of butterflies.

I got these when I visited my brother in South Carolina when I was pregnant. My momma had read about Mrs. Bush decorating the White House with this artist's work, and we went to go check it out. We both got some- they were very inexpensive and so pretty! But I didn't have a place for them until now.

This is such a fun project, and I think "hunting" for a good deal and getting different little pieces at different times is so much more fun than just going in a buying a set of something. And an added plus... Hubby likes this theme SO much better :)